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TOMATO 1.28 by Shibby


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I have been running Toastman's Tomato (a Open Source Firmware for Routers) on my main house router (non lab router)  for some time.  Due to a long period of time without any updates I was looking around for a possible replacement firmware when I was nicely surprised to find a New Version released this month!! (By Shibby not Toastman).  


It has all the wonderful goodness of your standard Open Source Router Firmware  and so much more!!  While I love the fact that I can SSH in and take care of everything from command line I must say that the "ETHERNET PORT STATE" real time graphics in the GUI are very nifty to me.  (Think of seeing the actual Ethernet ports on the back of the router with little lights blinking away etc etc but in the GUI).  


The ONLY reason I used to run DD-WRT was if I had a router setup that HAD TO HAVE Virtual Wireless Interfaces or Virtual Wireless LANS and now in this release Tomato now offers that as well. (Great way to use old routers to extend your wifi coverage area)  Besides that and handling routing ultra efficiently it also offers;


FTP Server

File Sharing via Samba

USB & NAS support

Media / DLNA server

Transmission (torrents) 

QOS that is GREAT for a SOHO router (with charts etc)

VPN Server (multiple servers) 

IP Traffic Monitoring /Graphing 

Print Server 

Hardware Settings adjustment (like transmit / receive power)

and a lot more.


If you have ever tried DD-WRT or any other open source routing firmware, have a old router laying around you want to repurpose, or you  want to add functionality to the router you are using Tomato by Shibby 1.28 IMHO is definitely worth checking out.  

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