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SQL Server Express Management Studio install won't


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I'm helping out a guy (basically, I configured an HP Proliant DL360p Gen8 1U box with 4 SAS drives in a 3+1 RAID5 array and installed WS2008r2 + all updates on it).


He then installed his special app on it. It uses SQL Server Express, which it installs automatically. The company that makes the app doesn't provide the SQL Express Management Suite and so they don't support it, but this guy has always used it in the past.


The difference with this setup is it's the first time he's used WS2008r2. Previously, it was always WS2003 or WS2000. When he tried to install the Management Studio it came up with a "this application has compatibility issues" error. He tried doing MS Update, and it did install a couple of things, but he still can't get the Management Studio installed.


He has also tried downloading and installing newer versions of Management Studio but, so far, he's not getting any management items in the Start Menu.


I have to admit I don't know where to start on this. I don't even know what info to post, or what questions to ask.


If someone can start asking questions or posting info that would be great.

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The app is running, and seems to be working fine. it's the Mgmt Studio that's being a PITA.


Net 2 and msxml 6 are not installed as far as I can see. I'll look into installing them. Net 4 Client and Extended are installed.


EDIT: since .Net 3.5 includes .Net 2, I'll install that.

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