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3rd time is not a charm


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I get around the 'bit rot' issue by creating a WHS baseline backup after my system is fully installed and configured. That's the one I go back to when I do a BMR. Then I do any needed updates and back that up as a new baseline configuration. This way, there is no 'cruft' in the system. I do NOT use WHS Backup to back up any data.


Now, what I do wish MS would do, is migrate to a model where application programs don't actually require any installation, like we used have in the 16 bit world. That would make life a whole lot easier.


BTW, I don't think I ever actually saw a Casio Calculator. I do have an HP HP110 kicking around somewhere. It was pretty cool, although a bit complicated to use :)

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FiLiNuX with the speed of today's computers I no longer have a problem with my computer slowing down even after years of use. I was referring to WHS 2011's ability to use the least amount of disk space to store my backups by using data deduplication. I think losing a SSD and having it back up and running with the least amount of time and effort is a testament to both BMR and backups.


I agree the trend is moving toward resetting the OS and restoring your apps from the cloud and staring all over. That isn't how I use my computer. I still prefer to use the desktop as opposed to the Start screen. I customize my computer the way I want it and don't want to rebuild it.

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Also, if you install a lot, or just find it fun.... Use HyperV or ESX to create your own custom install images for Windows (Or if you like using Windows Deployment Services). It's a real time saver, and .... at least *I* find it fun. :)

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