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Using WHS 2011 own RAID 1 or RAID 5, or another option...


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When you go to forum boards like AVS fourms where the topic is mostly media it seems that most prefer software RAID like UnRAID or FlexRAID.   But when you read the forum's dedicated to "server" specific discussion it seem that hardware RAID is preferred.


Could you please enlighten me as to how the 3G speed might affect me?  My drives are HGST 4tb Deskstar Coolspin SATA III.  Maybe I should get the Highpoint 2720 controller?


Also pcdoc, I searched here and asked in another forum section here what might be the best RAID card and the P410 seemed to com up most.  Do you know of anyone using the Highpoint 2720 successfully in the HP Microserver?


Good questions.  If you are going to run this in a Micro server stick the what is recommended and use the P410.  If any other system, the 2720 is a bit faster.  As for software raid vs hardware raid, to me that is an absolute.  I am not saying the guys in AVS forums are wrong, I am saying since I have had the pleasure of using both, the difference is night and day in both performance, recovery, stability, and transportability.  The obvious trade off and the attraction to software raid is the price.  The choice is obviously your however if it where me I would not go that route for anything but a mirror.  Using something like UnRaid is OK as well however again you are trading huge amounts of performance.  As for your question on 3G, I would not worry too much but it is possible for a 4T sata 3 to saturate a sata 2 connection under certain conditions however since these drives are 5400 rpm, you should not have an issue.

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It would just limit the performance.

The interface on your drive is SATA III 600MB/s. The ports on a HP P410 run at 600MB/s for SAS drives but only 300MB/s on SATA drives.

Your drive is capable of transferring data in short bursts at 600MB/s due to the 64MB cache on the drive. If the data your OS is looking for is not in the cache it needs to read it from the platters of the drive. The transfer rate of data from the media to the cache is under 200MB/s.

From the testing I have done with benchmarks, SATA III drives on a P410 run 15-20% slower than a comparable SAS drive running at 600MB/s.


The next test I would like to do is comparing RAID controllers, HP.

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One thing I'm reading about using RAID controller cards is drive compatibility.  Hopefully I've not jumped the gun getting the P410 before finding out if it will even work with these 4tb drives I've got.   All that I'm learning leads me to believe all these factors lead many consumers to just go with software RAID.  As it is now these drive are in my Microserver with WHS 2011 are working fine.  But once I install the card I might find out they will not work with the controller card. 


What type of drives have you tested with the card Schoondoggy?  What is your gut feeling as to whether these drives and the P410 will work?



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It is a good question to bring up.

OEM's like HP, Dell and IBM, test their RAID cards with the drives the sell under their own brand.


I have tried 3TB drives and they worked fine. You need to be sure you are on the latest firmware on the P410.

In this thread a post mentions 4TB Hitachi drives working with a P410:



You need to test.

Plug in the card, update the firmware, plug in the drives, run the offline ACU and see what you get.

Here is a good reference;


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