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Performance Tests: WD1500HLHX


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I had an opportunity to do Performance Tests on 4 WD1500HLHX's, i.e. 4 5th Generation VelociRaptors 150GB capacity w/32MB Cache


First is the battery of tests I ran on each WD1500HLHX (results shown for a typical WD1500HLHX)





Next, are the results when 2 WD1500HLHX's are put in a Software RAID0




Next, are the results of 3 (three) WD1500HLHX's in Software RAID0




Next, are the results of 4 (four) WD1500HLHX's in RAID0




Finally, is my summary table of the summary results from all tests:




Note: that while the WD1500HLHX's are SATA III devices they were all tested on SATA II Ports.


My use case is to use one WD1500HLHX as a VM drive in a MicroServer and to use the other 3 (three) drives in a RAID0 on my DeskTop PC for a combination VM Drive and a Drive to do Video editing etc. with Camtasia -- I saw a huge difference from what I had been using for video editing before which was two HP VB0250EAVER's in RAID0.





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