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GEN8 : Memory (NON)-ECC


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Np pump in a water cooler? How does the water more around then?


Whats this? Looks like a pump to me




And here are people complaining about pump noise...




I don't mean to offend, but the reviews you do can't be very good if you did't even realise a water cooling setup needs a pump


And you actually mentioned there was a pump right here: http://www.xcpus.com/reviews/is-bigger-better-corsairs-h110-280mm-all-in-one-is-put-to-the-test/3


1) I was referring to the fact that there is no powered pump, an no manual fittings, or need to assemble or install anything.  Simply bolt and go.


2) The article above was written by Kris, I'm not Kris.  You must not be very good at English if you cannot read names.  :) (since we are throwing insults now - you did start it).

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I completely agree.  The point is to attempt to find a stable solution to allow for higher-end Xeon processors that are outside of the TDP limit of this case by standard spec.



It's a toy, a home server.  Again, nothing that anyone in their right mind would ever put in a production environment.  Hell, I've got a spare Fusion IO lying around, I wonder what I can do with that and this box?



1. To provide cooling to parts so they may be run with stability outside of their normal operating range . 2. To provide cooling to parts WITHOUT the noise that comes from fans that could provide the same amount of cooling.

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Just got my G8 and was trying in my 16Gb from my N40L - specifically the kit here http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007TTEHMW/ref=pe_217191_31005151_M3_dp_1


I'm not getting anything other than a reboot cycle. I'm hoping it is just me but in the worst case does it mean another RAM purchase?


sorry if this question has been repeated elsewhere I couldn't see anyone mentioning these particular modules.

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Thanks, I'll leave it in my N40L and sell it as a whole. It turns out that the RAM has gone up in price so I might get my money back!!


Many thanks for the quick response. Is there a good (read cheap) place to go for the correct RAM? MrMemory and Crucial are around the £155 mark.

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