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Gen8 2.5" HDD in the ODD bay discussion

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I think our expectations need to be tempered a little bit and assume that GStarks is here as a home server enthusiast.  Any help he can provide to our discussions will be valuable but we have to respect his relationship with his employer too.


Not trying to start a debate.  Simply trying to keep expectations in check.


Sorry cskenney, I guess my tongue in cheek wasn't obvious enough. :(  Believe me, I'm not trying to imply we're going to be grilling gstarks for info or anything like that. I was thinking more of a lively exchange of ideas and concepts. A lot of people in these forums push the limits of what the MicroServer hardware can do and I think HP would be interested in knowing about it. If gstarks can offer any tips or point us in the right direction from time to time, it's a bonus. 

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OK – I’ve put together some instructions for the board.  Note that (1) these have not been tested, although I did use this approach on my MicroServer successfully, and (2) by using these instructions

hello all, I am also owner of the MicroServer Gen8 my question: Is it possible to replace the ODD with a 2.5 drive what cables do I need?

Ok, so that "Molex pass-through with SATA power" cable is kinda far for me to go and pick up.     But i see this one is much easier to get: (Just a regular molex to molex in Y)       Then i

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If you don't already have the HP DVD for this unit, then you will be missing the small metal bracket that latches the caddy in place (duct tape to the rescue).  


Anyone know if we can order this "small metal bracket" as a replacement part? 

I finally received my 9.5mm Blu-ray burner and I'd hate to think of duct tape as the only mounting option.


Fyi, here's the one I went with:  Panasonic/Matshita UJ-262:$(KGrHqF,!pEE63Yi!ovFBO3,v5kQvQ~~60_35.J



Btw, terrific threads.... thanks to all.  Looking forward to contributing some feedback once I receive my E3-1265LV2 later this afternoon.

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Hey guys, thanks for the enthusiasm and warm welcome!

Yes, I'm here on my own time. I'll answer what I can when I get a chance to login. Most answers here will be unofficial because most of the mods this crew is doing are unsupported. But that does not mean we can't talk about what seems to work and what does not.

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Ran into the same issue.  The way I got around it in my case (Windows Server 2012 Std, although I guess this would work with any Windows OS of Win7 vintage or newer) was to create a special MicroSD card and using BCDEDIT and some trial and error create a new BCD store pointing to the drive in the ODD bay - this allowed me to keep the controller on AHCI mode.  This works using the "USB" boot option in the BIOS, but means you cannot have any other bootable USB devices connected (because seemingly they take priority).  But there's a way around that too - as the USB3 port is not supported at boot time, if you have any such USB devices, just make sure they're on one of the USB3 ports and as long as you don't need them until you're booted into your OS, you're good to go.


Appreciate that this isn't quite the same scenario, but thought it might help others on the board.

Do you mind detailing on how you made this special microsd?




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Yes, if anyone can find the PN for the 9.5mm bracket  (like the one is gstart's pic of the drive caddy) of a part like the OEM one that would be aswesome, I too rather not use duct tape if I can help it.

TIA, Matt

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Let's hope the 9.5mm bracket is actually a separate part that can be ordered and isn't just part of the whole assembly (i.e. cannot be bought separately).


If it isn't available, I suggest using 3M VHB clear tape. It sticks like nobody's business and is barely visible. It also can be removed cleanly if desired.

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