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Gen8 2.5" HDD in the ODD bay discussion


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What I would like to do is connect the SSD to the B120i Onboard RAID, configure the drive as RAID0, & Install Windows 2012 R2. Move Mini SAS Connection to P222 RAID Card to connect existing 4 x front bays (4 x 4TB Drives @ 6Gbps), configure RAID5. A few questions...


1) Anyone forsee any problems with physically connecting/powering the SSD thru existing SATA port with these cables/adapters?

2) Given that the SSD will be the ONLY drive connected thru the onboard B120i I should be able to configure B120i as boot controller, connect the SSD to ODD SATA port, configure the drive in RAID0, install the OS, it should boot the SSD no problem correct? (No MicroSD bootmanager workaround, etc)

3) And final question; The SATA port for ODD is 3Gbps / SATA2 correct? Since I have the B120i Mini SAS port open anyone tried connecting the SSD somehow thru the existing Mini SAS connection? Or put another way, is there any way to get full SATA3 / 6Gbps speeds to the SSD?


Thanks in advance guys, appreciate the input. Hope I purchased everything I need (And simplified someone else's shopping list in the future). Can't wait to get this thing running!


1) You would have to connect to the SATA II (3Gb/s) Port 5 (ODD Port) -- I'm not sure where you'll connect the power connector - 


This is one way I did it: http://homeservershow.com/attaching-a-ssd-to-the-odd-sata-port-in-my-hp-proliant-gen8-microserver.html


2) RAID0 OS Bootable Logical Drive will work from any of the 5 ports on the B120i


3) You will need a Mini SAS fan out cable such as was used here: http://homeservershow.com/installing-windows-server-2012-r2-hp-proliant-gen8-microserver.html 


The Cable I used was the StarTech Model SAS8087S450 19" Serial Attached SCSI SAS CABLE - SFF-8087 to 4x Latching SATA http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812200884&Tpk=N82E16812200884  -the SAS8087S450 SATA ports are numbered and Ports 1 & 2 will be the SATA III Ports from the B120i @ 6Gb/s


Additional Connector details are also at http://homeservershow.com/schoondoggy-gen8-drive-mount-hp-proliant-gen8-microserver-first-look.html  and be sure to check CSKenney's Links below


For more info check the links at:

CSKenney’s Gen8 links thread in the HomeServerShow forums: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5639-proliant-microserver-gen8-links/

Gen8 Blog postings: http://homeservershow.com/tag/gen-8

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Thanks for your input & the quick response. I appreciate the links as well. I think I've reviewed yours and ALL MicroServer Gen8 related posts (Here & through Google) at this point before purchase. I have a found similar but not an identical setup (With the P222 card), headaches. Down to a few cables & adapters left before I power this piece of hardware on! Definitely have been overthinking connecting an SSD for the OS... I am VERY familiar with working with HP Proliant servers of all models & supported hardware, not so much with modified equipment (This is for my house, not work). A few follow ups...


1) I originally didn't realize the ODD port was 3Gb/s hence the HP cable that was ordered which I thought would have covered both. Agreed if I go thru SAS, instead of 3Gb/s ODD SATA Port 5, power is a problem

2) Nice

3) Great! I just ordered the StarTech SAS to 4 x SATA cable you recommended. So to get 6Gb/s thru B120i to SSD I just want to confirm; I am good if I just connect SAS to Port 1 of that breakout cable (Ports 1 & 2 are 6 Gb/s) & get or find a Standard 4 Pin Molex Y Splitter & Standard Molex to SATA Power adapter? From reading past pages and pages of posts I know quite a few had issues with fan readings. Is there something special that needs to be done to get the correct fan/system cooling readings?


Thanks again. Have a good one guys

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Hello, I followed instructions from this topic and installed 2012R2 on SSD but experience problems with embedded SD with Windows Backup that leads SD to stop functioning.

I started new topic here

Any help would be extremely appreciated.

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Hey guys,


I have a Gen8 server running Windows 2012 R2 Essentials off an SSD drive in the ODD. I have had this running for over a year with no major issues. I do have one slight issue that I have noticed that is more annoying than anything else. Whenever I have to restart the server it will not boot back fully on its own. I literally have to power it down and do a clean boot. This hasn't been much of an issue since I hardly ever shut the server down for anything but if I am doing updates remotely or need to do i remote restart I can't do it because it wont come back online. Has anyone bumped into this issue? I have a feeling it has something to do with the USB boot trick that I am using to boot off the SSD but not sure what to do to easily resolve the issue. I don't want to make this into a nightmare project it has been a while since I messed with this server and it has been set and forget for me. Any ideas? 

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Hey all,


Thanks to the OP of the instructions on how to setup the bootable USB/SD.


Quick Question. Do you know if there is an issue attempting to install the Hyper-V role onto an existing 2012 R2 install using this method? I have a working setup using a bootable USB created using the process above. I seem to get an error about 95% into the first reboot after the hyper-v role is installed that causes it to rollback. Some initial signs point to the following error 0x800f0922 - CBS_E_INSTALLERS_FAILED.


I have not run the "bcdedit /store ?:\boot\bcd /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto" command just yet and am curious about when this should be run.


Does anyone have any advice if they have run into a similar issue? Thanks,

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jp1220, So it's critical you run the command you mentioned through BCDEDIT before adding the Hyper-V role to the server. The good news is that you can enter the command at any time, just as long as it's before adding the role.


- TheBiggerMan


PS: It was a fair amount of time ago, but my recollection was that I was able to install the Hyper-V role without having the error, but that it just wouldn't work until the extra BCDEDIT command was run.  So it's possible that either (i) my memory fails me in my old age, or (ii) there's something else going on with your install that setting the boot config flag for the hypervisor won't fix...

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Thanks for your quick reply!


I tried to set the hypervisor option on the BCD before installing the role and it failed to update. Eventually got it to work by doing the following:


1. Use the BCDEdit command to setup the hypervisor option on the Boot SD Card.

2. Shutdown the system. Pull out the SD card and disconnect all drives in the drive bays. Only the SSD in the ODD bay is connected to port 5.

3. Power up the system, let it boot from the SSD.

4. Install the HyperV role. Let it reboot to complete the installation.

   a. This will now get past the point the installation of the role failed at last time.

5. After you have confirmed HyperV is working shutdown the system.

6. Reconnect all drives and reinsert the SD Card.

7. Power up the system.


The process above worked for me. Looks like the hyperv role installation process cannot make any changes to the BCD on the SD card so it needs to be installed whilst booting directly from the drive in the ODD bay.


Thanks for the help TheBiggerMan.

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Scotch was too brutal for me, so I've CADed and 3D printed this thing:


Any 7mm height drive (which are most SSDs now and 'slim' or 'thin' series of conventional 2.5" HDDs) goes in easily.

Can't see a way to share files on this forum, but if anyone needs the .stl, please reply and I will try to upload it somewhere.

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Scotch was too brutal for me, so I've CADed and 3D printed this thing:
Any 7mm height drive (which are most SSDs now and 'slim' or 'thin' series of conventional 2.5" HDDs) goes in easily.
Can't see a way to share files on this forum, but if anyone needs the .stl, please reply and I will try to upload it somewhere.


Go go, very very good job you've done with this adapter, plus it is very nice and very well coupled. In my case, the hard drive still have place with duct tape. Please could you upload the file to your Google drive and leave us the link to unburden the .stl file?

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