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FWIW, Once a month I rotate a 2TB drive of my Critical Data to our Bank Safe Deposit Box plus we keep a 1TB drive that is a bare metal backup of my main Desktop also there.  All of our "critical" family digital Pictures and family videos are also backed up to Crash Plan (about 220+GB).  YMMV.

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I think you will find members are using a variety of techniques. If you read the posts I linked to, you will see I'm storing physical hard drives at another location. Others are using only online storage, some are using a mix of physical & online storage. You have to decide what works for you.


Here's the thing: ask yourself, "How P***** off would I be if I woke up tomorrow and all my data was gone? How am I going to get it back?". How you answer those questions will determine what arrangement you should use.

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