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Networking a new server for remote access.


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yeah. weird. it must of been a network problem? ghosts in the machine or something. I am remoting in from a mac app that doesn't officially support mountain lion so maybe that was the issue. Good point about notification during an update.


Has anyone ever tried to improve remote streaming at all? I set up air server (which is actually very impressive) and even the stream over 3G was really good quality. I added a new GPU today though in preparation for some form of media center direction in the future, and it seems to have thrown it off a bit. Maybe some tweaking needed. Streams to a laptop over remote access are pretty unusable as they are at the minute though. Even after setting everything to best, etc etc.Up/Down speed is pretty reasonable too and the native resolution on nearly everything is 420p. Missing something?

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I can't help with the streaming; I don't use that feature myself.


I can see how a non-supported app could cause RDP issues.

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