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First build, would appreciate some expert help :)


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Hi guys,

New to this forum and have a few questions about a particular set-up and what I intend to use it for. So here goes.


I recently acquired a HP Prolient n54L and a copy of WHS2011. Here's what I plan to use it for..


-MY first goal is to use this server to be able to access services such as bbc iplayer/Netflix/the rest from Afghanistan among other countries. (Not sure of the best way to do this? VPN?)


-access my films (HD) on hard drives which I would prefer to leave at home


-allow others access (don't fancy paying Afghanistan Internet connection fees. Plan on allowing others access in return for them paying for my connection. (Business..))


-a media server for my parents while I am away so they also have access to my films etc (hidden folder pretty necessary.. My mother doesn't need access to my porn collection..)


-configurable from Afghanistan as again, calling my parents and asking them to re-configure a server, blind is about as much use as a chocolate fire guard.


I don't want to waste your time with guides etc, I'm sure there are plenty on the web (although I would gladly receive direction as to where to find them) I'd just like to know is this possible and easy enough.


I'm not a technophobe. I have just never touched a server or done any sort of networking tasks. So hopefully this is a good starting point..


Any help would be much appreciated.





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Is he/she a member on this forum? Excuse my ignorance. Its genetic.

Edit: i am an idiot. Fired off a message.

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