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Vail Released Today


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Hey everybody,

In case you haven't heard, Vail has been released today. I've got a couple of posts on the blog as well as an interview with MS about it. Get the discussions started here in the new Vail forum and we will dive into it deeper on episode 88.

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Very quickly,
Dave, Thank You for Show 87 with the Jonas Svensson interview. It was interesting he skipped some issues...

Well... Thanks to Alex Kuretz (Dave, I'll let you mention his site) and his pretty good review of Vail...

Vail has a Drive Limit of 10 drives. What were they thinking?

In addition, drives are not NTFS, and not readable on other systems. That really makes me feel secure...NOT.

Any thoughts guys....

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PLEASE! Tell me that a 10 drive limit is NOT part of the RTM for Vail.

Please Tell me this is a Sick Joke! O~o

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I saw the 10 drive limitation that Alex brought up. I actually saw it a few days ago but the info was from him directly so I didn't tread on his story. By the way, I thought mediasmartserver.net did a great job covering the Vail beta release.
The other feature that I'm sure a few of you guys wanted was the ability to run MediaCenter in WHS Vail. That's a no-go as well.

List all your questions here and I'll get with MS for some answers.

I'll also take voicemail and get it on episode 88. (262)458-4802

Tell me what you like and dislike so far.

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Some early questions for our friends in Redmond.
My biggest question is the 10 drive limitation, and is a base/premium/ultimate multiple level plan in mind. I'd be willing to pay double for an Ultimate Version.
I have not read about any limitations in volume size, so I guess I'll just have to try myself.
If drives are not readable in other MS Systems, will another Vail System be able to read these drives? That answer will probably appear in the next few days, after more people have time with the release.
When is the anticipated RTM.
As always, Thanks....

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Sweet, looks like it is time for a new Dell Studio XPS so I can use my home built i7 for Vail.

Must say though, based on what we know right now, the only real improvment of consequence is 64 bit. Everything else is a let down or just minor enhancements.

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Really hoping for:

1. A version that allow more than 10 PC's (good for geeks :) and SOHO's)
2. Integrate Windows Media Center to record TV shows directly on device
3. Change name to drop "Home" so SOHO and SMB's don't freak out....



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Hmmm.. I'm wondeirng if I should wait on this until I've had a chance to install and mess with the new build. meh, I'll update if I need to later on.

What are their key usage scenarios? (prior to developing a product release, MS writes up little scenarios describing a set of features that may / may not make it into the product.) What scenarios made it into the product?

I'd really like to hear the logic behind MS moving to FAT32 or whatever the new volume standard is.

I really want a technical overview of how drive storage and balancing happens - any changes from v1. There was a whole whitepaper about Drive Extender and lots of explanations by the WHS dev team early on during the first beta about tombstones, etc.

An overview of any out-of-the-box Server 2008 features that are being used as part of this product would be really cool (for instance, if they were using DFS or Shadowcopy services, etc). How are they using the newer technologies that Server 2008 and 2008 R2 made availiable?

Will powershell administration be supported? WinRM / WS-MAN?

Any Zune integration?

How has backup / restore changed? Is duplication of backups available now?

I'm sure I'll have more :)

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