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How about a game of Musical Hardware?


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Very nice.  BTW, either stay at F5 or find the F6j (it is on their site but you have to dig) as the F6N has an interesting flaw.   Runs great but the temperatures under load climb about 10-15C.  Mine was hitting 83C under load.  Not OK in my book.  This BIOS thing with newly released hardware is pain.  Nice work on the hardware shuffle.

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And so............................it begins....................     

I'm currently running F5. There is a Beta F6j but I could not get it to load after several attempts.      On another note ..... one thing that I was really pumped about , was that the GA-Z87X-UD

Thanks for sharing all this!!  


In regards to the USB problem,  you said its a front panel connector is there a setting in the BIOS/UEFI for it?  With all the builds/rebuilds you are doing there you could try  swapping out another usb panel with the one you have plugged in to the mobo now to narrow it down.  


Its not really that uncommon for mobos to have defective subsystems but I am HOPING thats not the case here.  

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