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Jim's Build ATOM v CORE i3


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Nice post and I especially like the chart. Good choice on the Gigabyte boards. Time to get on my soapbox and give my two cents. Your analysis is very good and you make a very good story especially if considering only the present. That being said, I am still inclined to persuade you to swing toward future proofing and go with the Core I3.

In terms of power, the Atom will certainly draw 20-30 watts of less power however in terms of processing power it is night and day. Granted, this is a WHS and I know that you are like me and do not run too many add-ins. However, even if we do not know the exact requirements of WHS2, one thing we can be fairly sure of it that it will go up. As it is based on the 2008 server code, reviewing the requirements helps shed some light on what is to come (see below). Even if they slim it down, the chances are not good that it will run very well on an Atom platform. In addition, even if we do not know what they are adding in terms of features, we do know they will add something which usually means the extra processing power will come in handy.

Server 2008 requirements

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All good points Mike. Maybe I have a bit more research to do on the Atom board then if I'm going to dual purpose it as a HTPC. More fun.

Your thoughts on the i3 setup? Are those the parts you would go with?

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I happen to have this board and it is a great board. CPU is a choice. Case is great but would look for one with some front 120mm fan for the drives, makes a big difference. Good choice on the supply. Good choice on the memory or for the same price, here is the ones I use in all my systems but either is OK.


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Thanks. Memory is what I actually was pointing to as an alternate to the ones Jim had in his chart.

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The i3 sounds good, but what deterred you from the amd platform? Power consumption, intel nic is a must or? did not really get this from your earlier post. My thought is just that the difference in power consumption between intel and amd systems are only 10-20 w especialy for a turned system, you could, run the processors at 1 GHz to save power until you needed more juice, for example.

My thought is, that amd systems in denmark at least have roughly the same price for the cpu, but the motherboard is 2-300 kr(40-60$) cheaper.

and another thing I did not see you consider, when thinking power and price, is what is the running cost, how much cash are you going to use on running your server 24/7 at 70 w vs. 120w for example?

I do realize that you have kinda passed the cpu discussion, but this is just what i always thing when i recommend pc's to other people, because this is what I see in the benchmark charts(articles) from various hardware review sites.

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I know my server runs great at 1 GHz for file/backup server use on lan, but the zip functionality on the remote access does go faster when my server runs at 2,6(max speed).

I was thinking of the fact that the phenom II/athlon II processors runs as slow as 800 mhz, but still offer greater performance at 800 Mhz then the atom does at 1,6 per core.

If power consumption is a huge issue, I will find some data to show my point:)

But that being said I do know that the i3 systems do offer very low power consumption, lower than amd's platform.

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Jim, I think based on the public beta of Vail, you really need to reconsider going back to plan A and go the core I3. It appears the atom will barely meet the minimim.

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