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NewEgg Price changing based on cookies!


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Dynamic pricing, it's been going on for some time. Retailers set the displayed prices depending on factors such as;


has the user just been browsing price comparison sites?

has the user returned to this site after browsing competitors' sites?

where does the user live (based on IP address geo-location or if they already have your data on record), if from a higher-income area, then bump the price up a bit.


Also some sites have been accused in the past of inflating the prices if the browser user-agent reported that a Mac was being used. Presumably on the grounds that statistically Mac users were from a higher-income household.


Disable third-party cookies or just use incognito mode or equivalent.



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Seems like everyone would see different prices when a newegg deal is posted on a site like slickdeals then, but that doesn't seem to happen?

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Maybe the price dropped, because I get the $89.99 price when I go to that item.


It wasn't ever 107 though, it was 89.99. Even if i add it to my cart it shows 107, and in incognito it shows 89.99 

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After kicking up a fuss with NewEgg I got a reply today. Actually 2 responses 20 mins apart





Dear Sean,

Thank you for contacting Newegg.

I have received the reply from our related department. Unfortunately, they did
not find out why the price shows higher either. As you can also see from the
item picture, it shows $89.99, the correct price. But somehow on the upper left
corner, it shows a different price. Please rest assured that Newegg would never
intentionally charge a customer for a price incorrectly listed. We truly
apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this has caused you Sean.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please visit our FAQs page. If
you still require any assistance, please feel free to reply directly to this

Thank you,


Newegg Customer Service


And then the second



Dear Sean,

Thank you for contacting Newegg.

We have done some further investigation and finally found out what the reason
is. Our upper management is aware of this issue right now and we will contact
you soon to explain the situation. Please wait for our email/phone call. Once
again, we apologize for any confusion and inconvenience.

Thank you,

Newegg Customer Service

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