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Right now I am wishing I had a USB3 Card...


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2TB over USB2? :( And that means I cant even watch Plex until its done



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Ok I know this is a little off topic for this post but 622 GB of Dexter!!!  That is crazy!!! :)  I really was going to start a post asking "What do people with multiple 3 & 4 TB drives keep on them and do you REALLY use hardly any of the space?"  After seeing this I understand a bit better.  I just figured, I have a MASSIVE music collection and several hundred movies and who knows how many TV shows but never thought of rips that large.  I have a 9 season (22 per season) show for a friend and its only around 60 GB (half are pre-HD half are) and thought it was large.  I guess its all how you rip it and the quality you want.  

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I was thinking, 622GB of Dexter? What is it filmed in, 32K resolution? :)

ROFL!  Nice!  



One the the TV Shows folders is 622GB, not just 1 show :P


Dexter is 117GB

I am glad you pointed that out to me!!  I have been over mowing my mothers lawn for her thinking "Man these guys would probably all laugh at me if they saw the resolutions I watch my shows/movies in!!"   Im not going to feel SUPER dumb as I did realize it was probably several seasons of Dexter.  


I actually have Dexter on my Memo pad as a series to watch (from S1E01 to current) when the seasons change.  I checked again and my largest TV show folder is every episode (and extras) of my favorite show ever and that is Perry Mason.   

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