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ESXi install error -- "No network adapters were detected"


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I am building two white box ESXi machines. The first installed with no problems. The second will not install due to not being able to find a network driver for my nic's.


I tried 3 NIC's on this machine with no luck. Thes first was the Motherboard NIC, the 2nd a 3Com PCI card, and the 3rd was a USB Linksys (model USB300M) adapter. None of the three would install.


Has anyone had any experience with adding NIC drivers to the install CD? I read this is the only way around this problem, but the only guides I have found are how to do it for specific network cards/dell servers and not white box nic's. Would it be easier to just but a compatible NIC?


Any help would be great!

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there is a software called ESXi Customizer that allows you to inject NIC drivers into the ESXi install to use non-supported (or non-included) NIC drivers.

You have to find the .tgz or .VIB driver for your NIC (do a search for Linux based drivers) and then it's pretty easy. It is how I got ESXi to work with my Dell 990 workstation and the onboard NIC I use for management.


  1. Download the offline software bundle for the NIC from VMWare or the NIC provider.
  2. Download the ESXi Customizer software (http://www.v-front.d...r.html#download)
  3. Extract ESXi customizer
  4. Run ESXi customizer as an administrator.
  5. Select the ESXi ISO file
  6. Select the .VIB file for the drivers
  7. Select an output directory
  8. During the installation, allow ESXi customizer to replace the VIB file
  9. ESXi Customizer creates a bootable ISO.
  10. Use the custom ESXi ISO to install.
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