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help with whs2011 external drive letter assignment with backup programs?

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Hi all,

I have one USB docking station for 2 rotating backup drives and another USB drive for 'local' backup. I was wondering how whs2011 handles USB drive letter assignment and how that would relate to various backup programs. I'm using cloudberry to do local backup, but might also use another program such as Allwaysync/syncback etc and am concerned if  I disconnected the USB drives temporarily, would they get a new drive letter, and hence screw up my backup scrips/plans as the may need a specific drive letter vs a volume name.


Also, if the server restarts, will they keep their originally assigned drive letter?


conversely, if I don't disconnect the drives, will they always keep their initially assigned drive letter?

however if i




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if you use Disk Manager to assign a different drive letter to each of your rotating drives, the system will remember the drive letters after you eject and reconnect the drives -- it's exactly how I do my off site backups.

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So you will have three drives identified as  (X-Y-Z).  I might take a reboot once you manually assign those drives letters, but those should always be know as X-Y-Z to the server.

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Thanks ikon,

so disk manager would assign a driver letter to the volume name, is that how it works?


It would, but you don't want that. If you leave it on automatic, it will assign whatever the lowest free drive letter is. You have to manually assign the drive letter you want. That will update the signature on the drive so that the system will recognise the drive the next time it's connected and will assign the drive letter you want. This is important for a backup stratedy.

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Thanks guys,



when using the USB toasters for rotating 2 drives, do you assign a drive letter to each physical drive, or one drive letter for the toaster itself.



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I don't use toasters any more; I use a Lian-Li EX-503 enclosure. To make your backup easier I would recommend having the drives pooled. Unfortunately, I've found that DrivePool, DriveBender, and PoolHD have issues, so I haven't been able to use any of them for pooling. I think you can use the Windows Disk Manager Spanning feature. The main issue is to ensure you can eject the drives, so I would test that. Since I use the EX-503, I use the JMicron software that comes with it, which works beautifully.

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I'm setting up cloudberry for S3 and local backup. For local backup 
there is the option to select advanced mode (allows encryption, compression,
versioning) or Simple mode (none of the above and is a flat copy of your data).
I will have one USB drive as a local copy and a USB toaster for 2 rotating
offsite drives


So there's a trade off here, when wanting a 'flat' copy of the data (so windows explored can simply read the data), you don't versioning, and then with the offsite drive, you'd probably want
encryption, which then eliminates your 'flat' copy of your data.


Any thoughts on this?....


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