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iTunes on WHS & Squeezebox Server


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Hello Folks

Apologies if this has been answered before, but I have searched and racked my brains on this one.

EX495, Squeezebox Server Add in installed, I have moved my library to the WHS shared Music dirive.

I setup the location of the music library in the Add in, but where do I point the Playlist to?? My devices can see the library but not the playlists!

I must have moved this library back and forward a dozen times now ! I am about to give up and just leave the iTunes on the PC and run Squeeze Centre from there as the units do see the playlists !

I have searched google, but get so many answers, some say install iTunes on the WHS box, but this defeats the purpose of the Add In !

I have searched Logitech site but very little info.

Any guidance would be appreciated

Kind Regards

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