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The status icon and warnings.


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Hi everyone,

Is there anyway of delaying the startup of the connector/status icon ?

On several of my client computers, I get warnings the within the first minute or so, about having no anitvirus and spyware software installed, allthough I do have both installed. But after that minute or so , the status icon goes green and the connector realies that I do have both antuvirus and spyware software installed!
I could off cause just ignor it, as it goes green after a minute or so, if it wasnt becuase I'll have all the warning on the WHS it self, I will have click on the check mark.

In other words, WHS connector starts up to fast for the antivirus and spyware software to finish there startup process = warnings from WHS.

Homebuild WHS, with PP3
Clients are both Vista and Win 7.

Thanks in advance
Euromagic / Martin

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Yes, I've mentioned this on a podcast. That's one of the reasons I like to use the Avast family package. The WHS version and the PC version speak nicely with each other so you don't get that short error. I did try Microsoft Security Essentials on my PC, that worked. Also I believe McAffee has a WHS & PC version that works too.

Maybe that's something that should come in PP4 as a fix, hehe.

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I thought that this was normal behavior and more dependent upon the order of processes loaded during boot. I see what the OP sees, for about 10-20 seconds, on two of my client machines. On these two machines, the security suites are at, or near, the end of the boot process.

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