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Crash Plan questions?


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I am looking to add cloud storage to my WHS2011 box. I have waited far to long to get this done. It looks like Crash Plan is the best choice based on all the info I read here in the forums. I do have a couple of questions that I am not sure of and I hope some of you already using Crash Plan can answer for me. I will have to use the seed service because I have will over 800 GB of files to upload and since I use EXCEDE satellite service I am metered and it would take years probably to upload. My questions are below and I would appreciate any feedback you guys can give. Thanks.


1. Has anyone used the seed service? If so, was the process simple?

2. I have free bandwith from Midnight until 4a.m. daily. Can I assign the time my server will backup to Crash Paln so I don't use up my bandwith cap?

3. If I upgrade to a new server, say with essentials 2012 can I move the Crash Plan account to the new machine?

4. How does Crash Plan run on a server? Any install issues or problems?


Thanks again for any help you guys can provide.

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Can't answer the first question since I haven't used the seed process.  But the rest I can.


2.  Yes.  Full scheduling is available

3.  Yes.  You can move the software and account to another machine.

4.  Runs fine on a server.  I have mine running on WHS 2011.  Have not tested it with WS2012


I would download the software and try it before you buy it.  It is fully functional with the exception of cloud backup until you buy it.

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Agree with awraynor.  The built in max ram may not be enough if you have a lot of files.  There is an easy work around, but you will need to manually modify a config file.

And, comma, give it a ton more RAM!


I've seen the talk about CrashPlan and its memory use.  I've never had any issues with it crashing but it does consume 225 meg of RAM

frequently on my server.  Thankfully it's not crashing as I would really dislike giving it more resources!

I don't know if there is a perfect cloud host.  For the money, CrashPlan is hard to beat.

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Mine is consuming 1.5gig of ram right now


Wow. That's nuts.  I know you have a lot of files though and it's all relative.  Compute your storage requirement costs on Amazon S3 and you could buy another server just for CrashPlan.


I wonder if CrashPlan is considering a re-write of this software?

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That's one of the things I wish they would do better, update the software.  It's been a LONG time since there was an upgrade.  On the plus side, there is not a lot wrong with the current version for me.


Since CrashPlan has unlimited storage, the $60/year is way cheaper than Amazon S3.  The compressed size of the date I have at CrashPlan is 2.6TB.  Uncompressed is over 4TB.

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My desktop CrashPlan install is using 1900MB of RAM right now. 

I contacted them and they blamed Java. They did say they were

planning a rewrite of the client. 


In the interim I am trying out Bitcasa at $4/month for 4 months. (Code July 4)

That's pretty cheap for unlimited storage to see if I like it. 

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