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I thought I would give blogging a chance and published the first part of a two or maybe

three part series on cloud service aggregators.


With all the free storage out there I wondered how you could get it under control.

I visited some new services and revisited some services I had used before.


They all fell short of exactly what I wanted, but all were interesting in their own way.


Let me know what you think of my blogging effort and the services I reviewed.





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@abraxas. I'll look at it, but I was looking more at products that helped you

aggregate your multiple online backup products. 


@jmwills. If only I were interesting enough for the NSA to care about my data.

I'll finish out with what I thought were the two best products, Otixo and ZeroPC.

I know they have to make money, but yet another fee to manage services you

may or may not be paying money to have, tough sell for a lot of people.


I also quickly realized the blogger software doesn't translate your page well.

Margins as I saw them, etc. were not the same when published.

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I'm originally from NC so I can root for the local team, but your service although interesting supports many less services than the competition.

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