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Here is my two cents.  The storage spaces created on server 2012 are not downward compatible with the ones created on Windows 8.  Considering the uncertainly of TechNet and how long you will use 2012, I would not go that way.  Storage Spaces is just a big miss in my book and is not reliable.  If you have luck with unraid then stick with it or step up to a RAID 5 for the heavy lifting,  But using Storages, friends don't let friends use storage spaces....

Ouch. Didn't realize Server2012 Storage Spaces is not compatible with Win8 Storage Spaces. Guess I will eventually be creating one in Win8, transferring my movie rips from 2012, reinstall 2011 and transfer back to that.

This whole TechNet thing is a real pain with the closure of the subscription service.

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The compatibility goes only in one direction.  Win8 SS can be read by Server 2012 but not the other way around.  See the article I did on SS for server 2012.  I did a bunch of testing and I would not go there.  Granted I did not test the R2 version yet but I plan to.





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