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Dual fan, four 2.5" hard drive bracket $6.99


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Nice find but I'm looking at this one.  A little more expensive but the cabling is a lot cleaner.






(oops)  :unsure:

That is definitely a nice price point.

I have used several of these;


They support SAS & SATA, all metal drive trays, but they are twice the price of the Vantec.

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Can I get same 4x 2.5" bay but with port multiplier backplane?


I'd not going to use SSDs in my project. So 1x SATA 6G port should provide enough bandwidth I expect.


Nighter there is space to fit PCI-E SATA expansion card in my project. So I'm also looking for Mini-ITX board with onboard controller supporting port multipliers. Any suggestions here? Would Intel DQ77KB or S1200KPR meet this requirement?

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I just got one of these from Geeks.com. It holds four 2.5" drives in a 5.25" bay. It is spaced to hold four WD VR drives and has two fans to keep them cool. The face plate is plastic, but all in all it seems well built.


By the looks of those fans, I think they're bound to make a lot of noise.

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