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Mysterious Folders


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Can anyone help me understand what these folders are being created for? They don't appear on any regular schedule, so I am concerned they may be from some unwelcome visitors.


When I originally installed my WHS2011 I didn't get around to the Windows Updates fast enough, and found there was a substantial security issue. Someone got into my system, created a few false user accounts, and mostly just gave me a headache. Could this be left over from that, or is it a expected Windows function?


(Yes, I know i should have wiped and started over after the system got compromised, but I spent a couple days getting my services running where I wanted them... so I dread starting over). Mostly it is a media server, nothing top secret.


Mystery Folders.jpg

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Those pseudo-random folder names are safe to delete.  They're leftovers from the windows update process.

You can do it through the disk cleanup utility (Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\System Tools) or just drag them to the trash.



They're harmless, though they do take up space.

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