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Anyone successfully install Server 2012 R2 Essentials on a Microserver N36L,N40L,N54L ?


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I can confirm that this new BIOS fixes the problems with both Windows Server 2012 R2 (with Essentials Role) and also with Windows 8.1 for me.


For the time being, I have dropped using the "Hacked" BIOS (which I use to put my OS drive in the ODD bay), and have reverted to HP's new standard BIOS in order to get the onboard NIC working.


BTW, I am also using the latest 64 bit Broadcom driver version, which I downloaded from the Broadcom site for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Server.


I have also turned on NIC Teaming at DieHard's suggestion. Seems to work fine, but I have no way of checking whether I gain anything from it.  One complication was that NIC Teaming caused the server to get a new IP address via DHCP, so it took a bit of messing around to swap the static IP addresses back around, so the servers visible IP address remained the same as it was before I enabled my second NIC.

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I assume to load the BIOS it is simply a matter of running the SoftPack?


I am using a third party NIC at the moment.

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I can also confirm that updating the BIOS on an N54L with the official 10/1/2013 release from HP allows the Windows 8 Pro to 8.1 upgrade to work without a hitch.

I updated the NIC Broadcom drivers to the latest version before updating Windows, if that makes any difference.


Note that after booting from the USB stick to install the BIOS update it left me in a DOS box at a C:\ prompt with no indication that the update has worked or not. I just rebooted at this point and checked the version in the BIOS on the next boot (by pressing F10 during boot).


Thanks for the heads-up about the BIOS upgrade!

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I assume to load the BIOS it is simply a matter of running the SoftPack?


I am using a third party NIC at the moment.

The SoftPack will allow you to create a USB thumb drive to boot from the server, on the server you will see it run. It only take 1 minute. Then it stops. You don't get a message. Just a c: prompt. Just reboot.

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So I need a USB drive (argh), then boot from that starting with the server being in an off state? Or run it from the desktop? Clarify please :)

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You download the BIOS update .exe file and run it from the desktop. This presents you with a page with some links on it, one of them is to create a bootable USB stick. I used a 16Gb stick - I'm not sure what the minimum size is but probably very small. Once this is done you reboot the server from power off, booting from the USB stick (you'll need to make sure that USB booting is enabled in the BIOS and that it is a higher priority than booting from the HDD). On boot, the BIOS will be updated automatically and then you will be left with a black screen and a C:\ prompt. Remove the USB stick and power/off reboot again. All up you're looking at about 5 minutes (tops) to update the BIOS, followed by about an hour to update to 8.1.

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Tekguru, have a look at the third post in this thread. It is all explained from there, including a link to a video from Joe Miner.  This is what I have been using all along and I did again this time.



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I recommend using a relatively small USB stick; preferably 4GB or less, though in this case, any old stick, even that ancient 128MB you have lying around will do just fine.


This is just due to the bootable partition it creates;  I've had some boot USB utilities that had issues creating that partition on larger sticks, or where it was problematic to re-partion/format the drive to full size afterwards, and it took me some work using DISKPART to set it right.

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Thanks for the tip. Old 4Gb drive found and prepared.


Now I'm at work and thought in a quiet moment I'd prepare the drive. So have downloaded the softpaq and run it, and using the utility it links to have created the drive. However the files on the drive are:




But when using the web page from the softpaq it references the flat files it has created on drive C (C:\SWSetup\SP64420\Flat Files):




Now maybe I'm being paranoid but the USB stick does not seem to contain the ROM file at all?


So should I unpack the softpaq on the server and then the USB drive will locate and use the files from drive C: to do the update?


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