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Axxon Next - N40L and WHS2011


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Hi everyone,


Just wondering if anyone here has tried Axxon Next Surveilance Software.


Ive just installed it, but after trying to launch it - it come up and asks for OpenGl 1.3 or higher.

It appears WHS2011 has installed onto my N40L (Headless) with OpenGl 1.1 - so the application wont launch.


So, is there a way to emulate or install a higher version of OpenGL on the N40L ????


Thanks everyone,


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Ok, i figured this out.


I was using RDP (mstsc.exe) from my Win7 machine to my WHS2011.


RDP only support opengl1.1


So ive installed the Client Version of Axxon Next onto my Win7 PC. Sorted.

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