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JustCloud, Ultimate Case of the Upsell


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I was having some issues with CrashPlan taking forever to analyze and backup so I began cruising the interwebs for a possible replacement.

I read mostly positive reviews about JustCloud. I did the cursory trial and liked what I saw. It had a nice control panel, uploads are fast,

web interface was good and the phone app was very good as well.


I should have been warned with the car salesman like tactics, no offense to car salesmen of course. If I tried to navigate off the page it would

offer ever increasing discounts, I got mine up to 70% off. Heck, for $3/month and unlimited backup how could you go wrong. The product worked

very well right. 


Well look at the two attached images and you will quickly find the gotcha.

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Received the e-mail from my account manager at JustCloud, offering me 50% off 

of the  numerous upgrades. Obviously my request to cancel hadn't reached him.


I politely informed him of this and referenced their lack of transparency. After reading

my essay about how they are going about it all wrong he also agreed I was better

served by the cancellation team.


Too bad, it appears to be a good product which is marred by a bad business plan.




It just keeps getting better. I don't know which is the original product, but it's pretty

obvious JustCloud, ZipCloud and MyPC Backup are the same product. Their webpages

are nearly identical, and the support section even lists the exact same questions.

Surprisingly they have different telephone support numbers. Wonder which one is

the real product?

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I had the same problems. The words like 'any' 'unlimited' etc. The up buying add-on support and the dumb answers stating I was a business and my unlimited purchased plan did not apply. My replies that the word 'business' had no links on their sites or definitions were of no use. I let JustCloud lapse and now wonder if they just stole the backed up files and info. Very mad at these clowns. They should be blacklisted.


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