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Logitech Touchpad for Windows 8


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I have one and I like it. Once you learn the Logitech gestures I think it is a productivity boost.

When I first got it I wanted to use it with my Surface RT, but Logitech did not have their software ported to RT. Limited functionality with RT.

At $40 I will buy another. I have bought from IceMonkey in the past, good product and good shipping.

Here was my work setup with the Logitech;


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I had wanted one, but didn't want to do the original $80-90. 

For $40, I'm willing to give it a try. One of my docs is buying

the Leap Motion controller for his Mac, waiting to see what 

he thinks and how long before his arms get tired ;)

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Received my TouchPad today, it didn't fare well during the trip.

The entire glass surface was shattered. Guess bubble pack and

the USPS don't do well together.

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