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my first server,i byed it from i-pro.
it was a compact design with a intel celeron 2.8gz processor.
2x215mb ddram geheugen.
300 watt power supply,2 sata drives each 500gb.
IDE dvd burner.
official microsoft home server cd,restore cd,connected cd.
was a great machine,but slow.
here are a few foto's from the server

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then i decide to build my own servers.
yes you heard it servers.
why 2 servers..
simmple i decide to use 1 server,only for the backup for the desktop1,desktop2,laptop1,laptop2,laptop3,laptop4,my mediacenter.
server 2 is for the files and media stuff,nothing more.
this is also connected to a hp T750 ups.
installed software on the both systems,one is connected to the serial port of the motherboard,the other system with th usb cord.
so works one ups for tho systems,and it works great.

the 2 systems are the same hardware.
a intel dual core 2.90 ghz processor
a gigabyte micro atx motherboard with 2 ddr2 brackets ram 800mhz 2X1gb
4 intern harddisks each 500gb sata 32mb cache.
a pci express 4Xsata bracket
a gigabyte powersuply 460watt
a antec case thwohunderd

next month i orderd my 6 bays hot swappebel from antec.

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img2560i.jpghome server1 is only for my backups.
home server 2 is my media server music,videos,software,photo's.
they both are connected to a belkin switch vga port to a 9 or 10"" monitor.
both servers are connected to a hp 750t ups.
my desktop pc is also connected to a 1600va ups.
and both my lacie quadra's are connected to a 1000va ups.
this divice i only use for backup the server1.
both servers have identical hardware and case

now i search for a hot swappeble bay's
i found antec bay's,but it's not so good,i love the system like acer h340 or ex 490 hp bay's.
i search a lot,but can't find

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this is wat i want,i will search furter.
not to find in belgium.
order by mail i didn't like.
dangeroes to damage...

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I have this exact SATA card (actually two of them) and they work great. In terms of additional storage, I have listed a coupld of other options which I posted in the forums before. I have two of the second item and they are awesome and keep things very cool. Good luck.



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