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Drive Bender $10 for 300 copies


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LOL.. DB's feeling the heat from PoolHD.


But I can't help feeling bad that I had to purchase DB a year ago at full price. But anyway, looking at the big picture, competition is always good for end users.

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My application is very specific. I want to have a pool on a USB3 external enclosure and be able to eject and reconnect the enclosure at will. I don't want the pool to be damaged and I don't want to get "drive is busy" messages. The reason I need to be able to eject the enclosure is because I actually want to have 2 pools of drives, and to be able to eject the enclosure, change the set of drives, and reconnect the enclosure.


I tried DrivePool. It gave me the "drive is busy" messages when trying to eject the enclosure.


I also tried DriveBender. It did allow me to eject the enclosure, but it gave me problems when trying to add drives to an existing pool. More importantly, the DriveBender service would not reliably start up on reboots.


My hope is that PoolHD can overcome all these issues. Got my fingers crossed :)

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