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Remote web access to second WHS 2011?

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I have one Whs 2011 on my network and it has been working fine with remote web access and all.  I recently purchased a HP Proliant N54L real cheap. I installed Whs 2011 on it and have it running on the network.  I would also like to set up remote web access on it as well. 


When I go into my linksys router I have port forwarding set up for the first servers static ip. When I try to setup port forwarding for the second server it gives me, "Port overlap has occured! Please change your entry:"  From my limited knowledge of networking, I think that Whs 2011 requires certain ports(80, 4125 and 443) to be forwarded and you can only have one IP per port?


Is there anyway I can give both of theses servers remote web access?


Thank you.

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I think you can ignore what I said about binding the IIS ports on the second server.  The first server should be as a default value.   Scenario:   HS #1 @   Forward incoming Ports 80

Almost certainly the answer is yes.


Almost all consumer routers have the ability to redirect ports. What I mean is, you use something like https://mydomain.com:sourceport and the router translates that to https://myLAN-IP:localport. An example might be using https://mydomain.com:5555 from the internet and having the router change that to


When the router sees a packet come in from the internet on port 5555 it looks in one of its tables and see that its supposed to change the port entry to 443 before sending the packet to your server. You can do this with almost any port number or service.


Look for something like "source port" and "destination port" on your router's Port Forwarding page.


If any of this is unclear post back and I'll try to clarify.

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In short, you have to put the port number at the end of the URL in order to reach the second server.

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I may need a little help here. Basically, what I'm trying to do is get the server to work through my router with the "myhomeserver.homeserver.com" address set up through microsoft.  I have the address I want, its just a matter of getting the router to work with it like it does on my 1st server.


In my router (Linksys E4200 v2) the only thing I really see is in the advanced routing tab is "static routing". I don't really see any ability to add anything to the end of the original IP.  My first server is setup through single port forwarding if that helps.


Sorry, networking is not one of my strong points.

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Have you tried something like https://mydomain.com:5555 from a browser on the internet. Don't try this from a computer on your LAN; there can be too many complications; you really should do it from outside you LAN. And, of course, you have to set up your router to forward port 5555 to 443, and to direct it to the IP of your 2nd server.

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Okay. I went into the router and to single port forwarding and added 5555 as the external port and 443 as the internal port.  I wasn't sure what to put as the application name or how to assign the protocol. The bottom line is what i added for the second server.



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The easiest thing to do with the protocol is, if you're not certain which protocol to use, set it to Both.


Other than that, it looks like it's set up correctly, as long as is you're new server's IP.

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