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is it possible,tv card installed on server,lwatching on laptop tv in the yard


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thx pc doc,verry kind to reply.
yes it's a no go in belgium.
we will see in the future of it's possible is

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I like the HD Homerun solution or the Slingbox one. However, if you have a desktop PC with a tuner card (not a WHS) you could try Orb to place-shift your TV to your laptop.

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i have tried it with a tv card
installed software en drivers on the surver
tv played on the server.
than i tried it on the laptop
didn"t work
it's a no go

the slingbox pro,il be interrest

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Hi Jennifer,

I do like the SlingBox Pro setup that I have---for now. It works well for me. The biggest shortcoming with this configuration (which will probably be a deal breaker for most) is that you can only stream to one client at a time per slingbox. Here's a little more detail about my config in case it suits your needs:

In my home, I have the following:
*Home Server (no Display attached) housing DVD Library, Photos, Home Videos, Recorded TV & Music
*"Main" Media PC attached to 52" flatscreen TV, w/ 2-tuners (1 QAM), SlingBox ProHD connected as a 2nd Monitor and audio split between my receiver and SlingBox.
*Lenovo X61 Tablet
*"Office" PC (Dual 23" Monitors)
*52" Flatscreen Monitor w/ no tuner (SlingCatcher #1, PS3 & 6-DVD Changer Inputs all via receiver)
*40" Flatscreen TV (Slingcatcher #2, PS3 & CableTV inputs)
*24" Flatscreen TV (SlingCatcher #3 & Cable TV inputs)

The goal here was to be able to use the Media Center interface to access my content from anywhere (in the house or away from home via SlingBox). I run media center on the client where possible (ex. Lenovo X61 running Win 7 Ultimate) but need to do so via SlingBox otherwise (ex. Netbook & SlingCatchers).

*If I want to watch LiveTV via Media Center interface, I can ONLY do so via the Main Media PC directly or via Slingbox---to a single display at a time.
*If I want to watch LiveTV in more than one place at a time, then I can utilize the native tuners built-in to the TVs that have them by changing the input on that TV.
*As it turns out, the SlingBox ProHD allows for multiple Inputs and I am using 3:
1)From my video card using DVI to Component Converter + split audio
2)From a direct Coaxial Cable Connection and the SlingBox ProHD has a QAM Tuner!
3)From my Control4 Home Automation System, allowing me to access the system via its native interface from anywhere (another HUGE topic for discussion and I'd be happy to discuss in a seperate thread if anyone is interested)
*So, in a pinch, I can watch LIVE TV using Media Center direct on my Main media pc and simultaneously stream live TV via the SlingBox coaxial connection to any where else--still allowing me to still seperately watch live on any TV with a built-in Tuner.
*I still need to try out DVBLogic to see if I can configure it to allow me to watch the non-QAM tuner on my X61 Tablet running W7 Ultimate while simultaneously watching the QAM tuner in my Main Media PC, so I'm not sure if this is possible.

RECORDED TV + Other Content:
*If I want to use the Media Center interface, I can watch on 1 display at a time by accessing Media Center via SlingBox (the exception is that I can simultaneously watch recorded TV on my Main MediaPC and on my X61 Tablet wired or wirelessly)
*If I want to access any of this content without regard to the Media Center interface, I can do a couple of things (these methods allow for simultaneous streaming/access):
1)Access via any of my 3 PS3s
2)From any PC I can access photos, home videos & DVD Library using the native windows file system (go to the relevant directory and double-click). At the moment, I cannot access Recorded TV from my Office or Netbook PCs without slingbox as they are not runing W7 w/ Media Center.

"OTHER" Content:
*I have SlingBox PRO HD in Japan that is connected to a HD DVR (eliminating the time difference) which is accessbile from all of my viewing devices.

Other general comments:
*In my house, there is rarely a time when content from a single source is watched in different places simultaneously, therefore this configuration isn't as restrictive for me as it might be for others.
*Since Media Center was designed to be controlled via a Remote Control, it works surprisingly well with SlingBox/SlingCatcher with no need for a keyboard/mouse
*SlingBox ProHD streams in "near" HD quality & 5.1. Definitely good enough for me, but will leave "purists" wanting for more.
*Streaming seems smooth and glitch free 95+% of the time. The exception being, that Slinging in HD from Japan stutters quite a bit, but is fine if you drop down to lower (but still very viewable) resolutions.
*Ultimately I'm hoping for SilverLight to become standard and utilized fully. I'd like to see a SilverLight versions of media center & SlingCatcher that would turn things like BluRay players (PS3 in my case) into full-fledged extenders/Sling devices.

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