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is it possible,tv card installed on server,lwatching on laptop tv in the yard


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hey guy's

is it's possible tot instal a tv card in the server.
connected the tv card to the tv cable or digibox.
instal the software on the server.
login in to my remote desktop server on my laptop.
open de tv aplication..
and watch tv on the laptop,even in the yard,kitchen....
with no kabels insert in the laptop.
this is so nice if this is working.
i wil test it but if it not work,i spend for nothing 100euro for nothing on a tv card.
so i ask it here,before i by one.
thx gye's verry kind

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In theory this is possible but is not recommended. The reason is because it will require allot of software to be installed on th server that could cause problems and depending on the the home server you are using, it may not have the power needed to run it properly. There may also be video streaming issues using RDP but again in theory it is possible. I would suggest looking at a network based tuner setup where all the software can reside on your client and avoid many problems. Aslo, I am not sure where your are located, however hooking to a cable box/digital cable may also be an issue depending who the provider is.

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+3 for the network tuner. I use my HD Homerun wirelessly to my netbook on a gig network and it works great. It even comes with basic viewing software. Better software would be Sage TV and give you a ton of nice features... i.e. time shifting, record tv, program guide ect. Plus the network turner gives you the advantage of more than one PC can use it.


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+4 on the network tuner. I also have an HD Homerun and it is fantastics. However, I don't know if it is even feasible to use depending on where the original poster is located.

I would also recommend SageTV since you can have tuner cards either in your server or another networked PC and use that tuner as a networked device. SageTV does have a trial period if you want see if it will do what you want. Sage also has PlaceShifter that is designed for remote streaming from the server (intended for remote access streaming).

Be aware though that streaming video over wireless is less forgiving than surfing the internet or transferring a file. Depending on your wireless connection you may not have success with any of the solutions.

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I wouldn't recommend relying on wireless b/g to stream video. n maybe, but you really need wired.

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+5 on the HDhomerun/Network tuner. I also agree with the wireless statement. Although I have used media center on my laptop streaming HD from the homerun over wireless G before. But, I only ran it for a minute just to see if it would work. So, long term it may not have continued so smoothly. I would go N for sure.

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i accomplish this via Slingbox. I "sling" media center to all of the PCs/TVs (via SlingCatcher) in my house. Using the laptop on the deck/patio I either: Use Media Center to watch recorded TV (comes through w/ very few problems in HD) or use SlingBox to view LiveTV.

I do want to try DVBlogic though. If I could access the tuner directly via native media center on the laptop, it would be preferable. Still doesn't help me with watching my DVR located in Tokyo though---only Sling can accomplish that.

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thx guy's for the reply's
helo byronomo
recorded tv is no problem for me to watch via laptop on the server.
my point is that i will watch live tv via de laptop in the outside,yard without connected kabels or using a dvb-t stick
only installed a pci tv card in the server.
instal de software en run a setup to search te channels.
than i wil go to connect to extern desktop.
login in my server,open de tv aplication,get a tv channel.
and here we go,the tv channel play live on the laptop.

ps wat is hdhomerun,i afraid its' a no go in belgium
never heard off it.

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