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using 2 x 2 TB drives for back up in WHS 2011


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Hi all


First time poster here, I hope someone can help with a problem I now find I have in WHS 2011


I got WHS as I wanted somthing to store my TV and film files on that I could watch on my PC, TV, and media player I have around the house


I started with 1x 850gig drive for WHS (C-D) 1x 2TB drive  (E) to hold all the TV files and 1x 2TB drive for back up


It all worked well, very well until the TV drive filled up. Until then back-ups worked just fine


I am not one to risk anything so I copied all the TV files onto a USB drive before touching anything on the WHS PC


I removed the 2TB drive that was used as a backup drive and added it as a new storage drive (F) Then put some of the TV shows onto it from my E drive


My  E and F drives are now only half full


So I now have 2x 2TB drives both with TV shows on them and I can see both drives on the TV ect around the house


My problem is how do I back up both E and F onto the 2 new 2TB drives I just brought to use  for back ups


It looks like I can only choose to back up one set of data


Does any one know how I can back up E onto one of the new 2TB drives and F onto the other new 2TB drive?


I hope I have explaind my problem ok


Thanks for any help anyone can give



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Since writing the above I have been looking around and I am wondering about mirroring each pair of 2 TB drives then doing an external back up of both pairs of drives to somthing like the Seagate central box device


So I should then have a copy of each 2 TB drive in the server box and a copy on the central of both 2TB drives


any comments

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