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Esxi 5.1 on the Micro Server N40L


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I have installed the VMware version on the Micro Server (P410 raid controller installed) - it seems to be working ok..


I realised there is a HP version https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/details?downloadGroup=HP-ESXI-5.1.0U1-GA-25APR2013&productId=327&download=true&fileId=59b519a2470863f7ae07e7c3ffef3e17&secureParam=431cc149c1a027f5d17cea30162bebf2&downloadType=


Is there any benefits of me installing this version? 


Also the Micro Server is not on the comparability list...will this be an issue? 


Would be interested to know what OS are people running here and how many?


I was thinking of maybe 2-3 Windows 2008 servers (not sure if i can have more - but not sure if these are resource hungry? i do have 16GB of RAM..


I wanted 2 file servers once will host my large movie collection..maybe another for testing etc...

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If you have it working, no need to get the HP specific version.  THE HCL is more about components (NICs, RAID cards, etc).  Why not run WHS 2011 as a VM as it will perform many of the functions you want.

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Not sure..what are the big benifits of WHS 2011 - unsure if they will fit into what i am thinking.. 


I was thinking something like:




Server01 - Production

Documents, Movies, Utilities on a Server


Server02 - production

Sensitive Data


XP Machine - production




Virtual Center Server 


was going to test replication to the second ESX host using the VMware site recovery manager 



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WHS 2011 can handle your needs for Server 01 and Server02.  VCenter is nothing but an appliance that runs on tops of ESXi to make a cental repository of all VM available.

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