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Backup strategy suggestions?


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I don't want to sound like a shilling for crashplan, one nice feature of crashplan plus is the ability to have multiple destinations for a given backup set.


So for my "disaster proof " data (family photos and such) I have it backing up to the cloud service, as well as to a local Usb drive.

This gives me my 2 local copies as well as my offsite backup


One nice benefit the cloud service data

is always available on my phone with the crashplan app


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I understand the low likelihood of losing both the boot drive and the server backup. That's why I'm comfortable as is.


Disaster is covered by CrashPlan. Downloading the backup would take forever, but it wouldn't be lost.


Thanks for your help.


Glad to hear you got off site backup. It's a nice feeling when you've the bases covered, isn't it?

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My server has always been unusually slow to boot and wake up. I planned to change the OS drive to an SSD but was willing to pay for only the smallest that would be prudent (~60GB). That required shrinking the system partition from ~300 GB to < 60 GB so I could restore to it from server backup, then expand the partition to fill the entire SSD.


In prep for that I assumed I couldn't shrink a partition in my IcyDock 2.5 x 2 hardware raid enclosure, so I swapped that for a single 3.5" drive as a temporary step in the process. I restored the system backup to a spare drive I had lying around and, after gnashing of teeth related to immovable files, I finally got it to shrink. Opening the desktop is now much faster. It seems that the IcyDock hardware RAID1 implementation is slow?


I may continue on to an SSD, anyway. That way I can leave the server on continuously with low power consumption, if I allow the data hard drives to spin down after long intervals of inactivity. Having it on all the time makes remote connection easier and it will be easier to schedule windows during which CrashPlan accepts backups. (I have to exclude periods when Server Backup runs or file lock conflicts prevent that from completing properly.)

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