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iLo should run in a different IP of your other network card. iLo can't hijack the network of the server, unless you changed something in the iLO to share the network connection.

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Yup.i was dumb enough to not know this.

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You weren't dumb, you just didn't have the information :)

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iLO 2.73 released :)





  Note for ESXi users: If you are booted from the Embedded SD Card, it is strongly 
  recommended that you reboot the server immediately after updating the iLO firmware.


  Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends the following or greater versions of iLO utilities
  for best performance:  
  - RESTful Interface Tool (iLOREST) 2.3
  - HPQLOCFG v5.2 
  - Lights-Out XML Scripting Sample bundle 5.10.0
  - HPONCFG Windows 5.3.0
  - HPONCFG Linux 5.4.0
  - LOCFG v5.10.0
  - HPLOMIG 5.2.0

  - Fibre Channel Ports are displayed with degraded status if they are configured but not attached.

The following issues are resolved in this version:
  - Added fix for Embedded Remote Support in an IPv6-only environment.
  - Added fix for Embedded Remote Support data collection for systems with multiple Smart Array Controllers.

  - Suppress SNMP traps for NIC link up/link down events that occur during POST.

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