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Installing Debian Squeeze on USB Stick to N54L Server :(


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Hey guys,

I am a total noob when it comes to A) Servers and B) Debian.

I have installed Unetbootin on my macbook and I have 2 Debian images I have tried (Debian Squeeze 6.0.7 - Netinstall and USB AMD64)

When I boot the server all I get is 'Missing Operating System' Can someone help me in install this? or at least give me guidance where I may be going wrong?

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Check your bios is set to boot from USB, if its not, thats your problem.

If your bios is set correctly sounds like your not getting the USB stick setup correctly. Could be a cheap USB, some are just to slow or you might just have had a few errors in unetbootin.


Ive never used a mac so cant personally give tips regarding that, I seem to recall macs use different USB drivers or something and so windows/linux software might not use usb correctly on a mac, I could be (and probably am) entirely wrong though!


Try booting a different  machine from USB, it it doesnt work its your stick thats the trouble. If you boot into the live system you won hurt your original system.

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I decided to try it with my Windows VM and it worked!!!!
I am having no end of trouble with Linux - I am new to linux and indeed any kind of terminal programming.

I have Debian up and running - I installed OMV but does not work when trying to access it from my other laptop.

I am trying to install Bluez bluetooth drivers to install the Bluetooth dongle as I have to try and get my mac mouse and keyboard hooked up

I still need to install the drivers for my wireless network card and HD 6450 and to be fair I am thinking of canning this altogether and just whacking windows on iticon_e_sad.gif

What options do I have to either make this easier and work or run OMV either on windows somehow or dual booting.

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"I am having no end of trouble with Linux"  


This is very understandable and happens a lot with Linux and happens a whole lot more with certain distros of Linux IMHO.   For example if someone is asking me about trying Linux  for the 1st time the last thing I am going to do is direct them to Linux From Scratch, Gentoo, or even Debian.*   Not because they are not beyond amazing (and my favorites) but because they are not the most new Linux user friendly.  Debian strives to be a  "free" OS and therefore does not include a lot of non- FOSS code(you have to add on different repositories at least).  This can make something simple like installing network drivers or playing certain media files on Debian a complete chore where as on Ubuntu (Debian based) they just work automatically because they allow the drivers/software.  


I hope you continue to give Linux a go (trying a different distro maybe) as it truly can be wonderful, powerful, and above all FUN.  

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I agree about Ubuntu. For a new Linux user, particularly one used to Windows, I think Ubuntu offers the most familiar or comfortable experience. From there it's up to you just how 'down in the weeds' you want to get as far as the guts of the OS are concerned. In the end, hard core Linux use requires a certain commitment from the user.

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