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Streaming Music and Video from Ver. 1 to Sony Blu-ray BDP-BX39


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I recently purchase a new ony BDP-BX39 Blu-ray player with Wi-Fi that has various Internet services including Pandora, Netfilx, etc plus a browser.  It will also sees and connects to all my computers on my network. 


The Blu-ray will connect to the Music, Photos and Video shared folders on my Ver. 1 WHS and browse the subfolders but it will only show and display the photo files. For the videos and music folders it does not even show files inside the folders and says that there are not playable files available.  I can see and play all of these files in my computers on the network: Win7, Win8  and Win8 Media Center.  The music is in the MP3 and the videos are MP4 format.


Any suggestion on what I need to do to play these files on my new Blu-ray?  




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I had the same issues on my Sony bdp s590.  Mine has USB ports that I can plug hard drives into.  Will play everything you can throw at it.  Lidt below and will play other formats also.  But I know you want to user your server on it.  I found no way to get it to play most file types.  But with hard drives cheap it is not a bad solution to use a USB drive. 

  • Supported Digital Video Standards AVC,
  • Supported Digital Audio Standards LPCM,
    WMA 9,
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You might like to try Serviio http://www.mswhs.com/2011/06/add-in-serviio-for-windows-home-server-0-5-2-0/


But first you might like to try playing these file types directly from a USB drive in the Sony.


I had some luck using Serviio, but DLNA is a very inexact science and not all manufacturer claims are always met due to minor differences in bit rates from those the player expects to see.

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Hi Diehard,


It appears that the download site has been abandoned.  I tried to Google the file but only found a copy for regular Windows.  Any suggestions?

Ok, I did manage to download the addin from WeGotServed. You have to have an account and login. But then you have to install the PS3 server and that site is abandoned as you said. So your next bet would be as Renny suggests, Serviio. You should search this site for past experience.

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