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Shared folders question.


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OK.  New server is up and running with all the new drives.  Here is my folder and drive info.


I have not installed drive bender yet.  I was thinking that I wanted
to get the shared folders setup first and move them to appropriate
drives and then install drive bender.


I have music, movies, pictures etc. that I want to store and share.


Any suggestions on names for shared folders?  How would you setup the
folders on the drives that I have installed?  Keep in mind that C: is
the OS and F: is the small server backup drive.  All other drives are
the data drives.  Except for my Beyond TV recordings, I have not started
to migrate my data to the server.  That is one reason why I have not
installed Drive Bender yet.  I don't necessarily want to duplicate my
movies and TV shows.  One for space concerns and the other is because I
am already compressing the TV recordings for other devices. 


I want to have copies of my data.  But, I want it to be more
efficient.  I have copies on my NAS drives and on my client computers.  I
would like most, if not all of it, on my server.  Oh, forgot to mention
that I have an APPS folder that I would want duplication on that holds
my software ISO's.


Any suggestions?


Well, for some reason I can't use the image extension to post pics of my screen shots.  Help.


Screen shots are located here.



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The Folder Names are created by default so I'm not quite sure what you are asking.  I would install Driver Bender and let the Mount Pint get created then move the Default folders over to that new mount pooint.

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I can't see the reason for waiting to install DriveBender. I would set it up first and then, as jmwils infers, use the right-click/move option to relocated the default shared folders to the DB pool's drive letter.

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OK.  I guess I was looking for suggestions on some of the shared folder names that others have used on their server.  I was also looking for some advice on how to setup the drives with Drive Bender. 


I guess part of me is still not sure if I want to stick with Drive Bender or try Stablebit Drive Pool.  I have installed Stabebit Scanner and it has already proved itself useful by reporting one of the new drives with an error.  The drive is the 1TB 2.5" Samsung that I was intending on using as a OS backup drive.  So, I purchased the license and will be keeping that around no matter what. 


I am also trying to figure out how the setup of the drives will affect being able to backup the data?  And with that there are things that I do not want to have two copies of because I do not want to wast 10TB of hard drive space with a bunch of duplication.  Like movie rips and television shows that I record.

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I use the default folder names, unless it is something unique for something I do.  I guess I'm missing something in the question.

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I don't think people spend a lot of time worrying about share names. I start with the default shares and add any others I think will be useful, which isn't many to be honest. One share I do make pretty much always is Installs. In there I store all the installation programs for my hardware and software. I always create the shares using the WHS Dashboard.


Regarding your videos, movie rips in particular: some people have pretty large collections. If you're one of them, then you might want to consider how upset you would be is the entire collection went south on you and you had to re-rip all of them (if you even have the source material to rip from anymore).

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I guess I was putting too much thought into it. I did go ahead and install Drive Bender and setup one big pool with the two 3TB and two 2TB drive. I also setup duplication. But, I turned off duplication on my TV and movie shares. But, I might reconsider duplication for the Movie share because Ikon makes a good point about spending all that time ripping. I felt that way about my music rips. Not something I want to do again if I don't have to.


I was just looking for examples of shares that people have created to see if any examples would fit my situation.


Thanks for the help!

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The best answer I can give you, and everyone's situation is different, is to think about the way you have your data organized now.

  • Documents
  • Music
  • Photos
  • TV
  • Movies

And then start to move on to other special folders as you need them,  No need to over think this.

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