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I am awaiting delivery of my HP Proliant N54L. I already have a N40L but for £100 I could not pass up the chance to buy another one!


I plan to keep my N40L as the main server running WHS2011 and run the N54L as a windows 7 PC (i have a spare licence). I mainly use the N40L with Serviio which is an absolutely superb programme and feeds my smart TV's with faultless 1080p media streaming. 


Anyway, I want to install both a SSD and an Bluray disc drive to the N54L. Question is how do I do this? Should I install the Optical drive to the internal sata connection and then attached the SSD via Esata? Can the server boot via Esata?


I assume I will still need to flash the firmware to ensure I get the best possible Esata performance?


Any advice would be gladly received. Also ideas to make best use of 2 Proliants. Do you agree just leaving the N40L as the main server? I will back up my media up on the 2nd Proliant so I can stream Serviio from either of the PCs. How do I mirror my Media across both proliants?






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You didn't say, but I presume you're planning to install the BD in the optical bay and the SSD underneath it?


If so, I think I would attach the SSD to the onboard SATA and the DB to the eSATA by feeding a cable back into the box (as per Joe_Miner's technique). This should eliminate any boot drive concerns.


To get SATA II speeds from the onboard & eSATA ports you would need to flash the unit with the mod BIOS.


If the N40L is meeting your needs, why change it?


There are quite a few ways to sync your media between the 2 MicroServers: scheduled RoboCopy scripts, All Way Sync, SyncToy, even CrashPlan.

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Thanks Icon. Project completed. Not flashed the BIOS yet but will hopefully get a chance to do that later. Thanks again for your help.

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