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Server 2012 Image Backup and Restore to Different Drive


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I've been working with the RR2720 and had created a number of RAID drives using 3 x 250GB HDD's -- originally, I had my OS drive as the entire Volumn then thinking that I would like to just backup and restore the OS drive for my different setups so I shrank the OS partition down to 70GB (running Server 2012) in disk Manager -- basically, I'm attempting to do what LoneWolf did at http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5063-theoretical-question-on-microserver-icydock-mod/?p=56073 


First: I want to move the OS to a different RAID Array made up of 2 HDD's and do some messing with the original 3 HDD's I was using -- later I was  planning to move the OS to a single HDD.........


In the RR2720 BIOS v1.5 I had changed the selected Boot RAID Array to the new or intended target for the OS install.


In the Install menu for S2012 Repair I excluded every HDD except for the intended target (a two drive RAID0 with a volumn size just under 500GB so I thought it should work)


Apparently, I'm missing something or multiple somethings -- The error message I'm getting is:


No disk that can be used for recovering the system disk can be found.

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In the Installer Screen (Server 2012 PE) would I wait till I'm past the screen to add the RR drivers before step #2 or would I go to step #2 and use the Drvload command to load the drivers first before doing the rest of step #2?

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