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SharePoint Server 2013 on GoFlex Home

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I'd like to know if it's possible to install SharePoint Server (2013 or any other versions) on my 2 TB GoFlex Home server? I know that it's pre-build storage server, but I have no idea how to transform it on a business server (working with SharePoint Server 2013). I also know that it's based on Apache...


If so, where could I get the instructions?




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Welcome to our forums.  It will take some time to see if anyone has a solution for you but I wouldn't hold out much help.  Sharepoint Server needs a lot of resources and the Seagate GoFlex NAS was never intended for anything like that.  Your other issue is going to be OS.  I am assuming that the GoFlex is running some variant of Linux but a quick search doesn't return to much on the internet.


Looks like the hardware specs are a 1.2GHz Marvell 88F6281 processor teamed up with 128MB of Nanya RAM and also 500MB of flash memory.

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You might get SharePoint Foundation working but not SharePoint Enterprise.  You just don't have the horsepower needed.

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