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Step to setup windows vista for a home server


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Attach external drive and share the volume.

They mentioned laptop backup.



To the original post I really have to ask what you are trying to accomplish?  Do you want a complete backup of the laptop?  Do you want it to be a 1 time snapshot or do you want it backed up on a regular basis?

What hardware do you have available to create a server (if you go that route)?

You really need to explain what you are trying to achieve because most people are not going to suggest using Vista or Win7.  But without knowing what you really want to do it's hard to help you.


Regarding Xbox backup.  I have no clue.  Are you simply trying to backup your saved game data?  Do you have an Xbox live account?  You could always save everything to the cloud.

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Hi sorry for not explaining i what to stream movies music etc to xbox i have read how to install ubutu server the computer i have for this is a 2.4ghz p4

256mb memory the memory is not ok for vista or win7 now i need help toe setup the ubuntu server

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Well, that one cannot be modded as far as I know.  The original one could be and you could use it as a WMC.


AFAIK, the X-Box is not going to read non-Windows files so your best best is to share out folders on the Vista machine and stream from there.  Your CPU is powerful enough for that.


Good luck with the backups as there is no practical solution for this.  You know, you can get WHS 2011 on sale for around $35.

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