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HP ProLiant Gen8 Microserver leaked specs


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The guys over at Serve the Home have put up a post about the Gen8 Microserver specs.  You can read it here.

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You see where they think it might be available in late June 2013?  Better clean off a new spot on the workbench!

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I could see 2 of these in the house: one for UTM (Untangle, pfSense, etc.) and one for WHS2011 or WSE2012. But, I don't want a rackmount form factor; I want the normal see with the N40L & N54L.

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Dual NIC's and iLo are nice.

If the C204 is at the core;


Only USB 2.0, unless they add a controller for USB 3.

The C204 has 2 SATA III and 4 SATA II.

It also has an integrated Gigabit NIC, so the dual Broadcom is a bit confusing, unless the integrated NIC is the iLo NIC?

The D630T;


Could support 32GB memory.

I could see 2 of these in the house: one for UTM (Untangle, pfSense, etc.) and one for WHS2011 or WSE2012.

Why would you use a MicroServer for UTM? 

Seems like a waste of much of the servers features.

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Under management it says iLO4 with dedicated iLO RJ-45 port so I don't think the Dual NIC are including the iLO NIC.

They also mention HP B120i Raid and 2x6.0Gbps SATA III ports which lines up to your comment on the C204 only have 2 SATA III.  The 4x SATA II are probably used by the drive cage (assuming it has another 4 bay cage).

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Wouldn't it be nice if HP actually listened in on forums like this to help them determine product direction?

The existing MicroServer chassis is good, but if they could come up with a way to fit two 2.5" drives under the 5.25" bay,,,,,,,

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