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Windows Server 2012 Client File Backup


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Hi there, 


I am new to Windows Server 2012 Essentials, so I am hoping i can get some help here. 

I have a server set up and my goal is have to do scheduled file backups from each of the clients (laptops) around the house.

I read about the connector software but that doesn't do a file back up. I want to be able to access the file such as pictures or movies from the server itself. Rather than it be a backup file that i have to restore. 

I wanted to know what i could do to make this happen.



What would be the best way to make this work?


Thanks a lot! 

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Simple, just save a copy of the files to the server; better still, use the server as your central file repository so you can access content generated on each client all in the one place.

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Have a look at my backup strategy. I set it up to do exactly what you want: i.e. have ready access to my files without having to do a restore.





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