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GA-Z77X-UD5H - 2 SSD RAID1 - cannot install WS2012E OS?


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Just plugged my 2 Crucial M4 SSDs into Intel ports 0 and 1 on this motherboard.  Was able to add them to a new RAID1 (mirror).  However if I attempt to install WS2012E to them from a clean install it acts like a driver is missing.  I grabbed the RAID driver for Windows 8 64 bit assuming it would work.


Has anyone managed to get around this?

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Just so happens to be the same driver.  I guess maybe the motherboard has to be set to AHCI instead of RAID?  At least some forums say that.  Seems counter intuitive.

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Turns out, am able to install WS2012E onto a clean SSD drive running on Intel port 0 of my GA-Z77X-UD5H motherboard.  If I enable SATA RAID mode in the BIOS, the system is unable to install to the RAID1 array of 2 Crucial M4 SSDs on intel ports 0 and 1 of this board.  Guess I'll stick with mirroring in Windows disk management after all.  Disappointing.

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Guest no-control


Crack Open a Coke

Set as AHCI

Install OS to single drive

shut down and add second drive

boot up and go to drive manager

convert all partitions on Disk0 to dynamic

RT click add mirror select Disk1

let the magic happen

pour Jack Daniels into Coke

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...aahhh damn beat me to it!!!!
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LOL. The single drive!


Still a bit disappointed that the Win8 x64 AHCI driver for Gigabyte's GA-Z77X-UD5H works but the same driver won't allow you to install an OS to an Intel RAID array created on the same board.

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