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I’m tossing around decommissioning my V1 and moving to 2011. This is for Home use.

The issue is Hardware.

My current Home Build Box has a ECS GeForce 6100PM-M2  motherboard with a AMD Athlon 4200+ running
at 2.2Ghz.  http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/Product/Product_Detail.aspx?DetailID=857&MenuID=20

4G ram. It has 4 SATA ports running at 150.

I installed a 10/100/1000 Nic
USB 2.0

PCIexpress available.


I feel I built a solid box, that uses maybe 80watts.

I was thinking of jumping onto the N54L bandwagon.

As I look at the spec’s on the N54L and compare them to my
old box, WHY?

Other than age of the Hardware and the SATA only operates at
150gbs, why should I move to a new box of lesser power.

Ram would be faster, but the default size if 2G.

Currently my WHS does back ups and file storage. I don’t do
any ripping or downsizing/crunching of any kind.

In short –Convince Me.



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Checking the specs your SATA ports appear to run at 3Gb. What do you have for drives on it?

You may want to bump the memory up to 8GB. Although, older memory DDR2-800 has gotten pricey.

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Because you are concerned that it is getting old and will fail eventually.

My V1 server was of similar construction and guess what?

If you dont like the N54L's modest specs (and price), do what you did first time around and build your own.


Are you proposing to move to 2011?

Do you steam media?

Both these questions might help determine other replies.



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This box has been running since about 2008. 5 years and very happy.

I do stream media and run into the DE studder or Performing a Back up Studder.

I have fan's all over this box, which make it noisy but it is in a dry basement that is fairly cool. Actually I leave the cover off to prevent heat build up.

The Drives are 2T. Hitachi HDS5C3020ALA632 (2 of them) and 1 Seagate ST2000DM001-9Yn164


In re-researching my MBO, I realized that it has a RAID controller. Just as a thought, I could just use the same box, RAID the OS drives, for which I am planning on using 2 60G SSD's that I have laying around doing nothing.-Maybe put them into a ICEYBox.

Install 2011 and restore my data from my back ups and be up and running in a few days.

I did jump on the Drive Bender deal, so that will be installed on my 2011 Shares.

I ordered 1 WD 2T Red, which will become my 1st drive of my Shares and the others will be added to it.


Back to the N54L vs Current. I'm thinking these are close to identical specs. Just my box is not as pretty and small.

Don't laugh, but my old case was an e-Machine. (Just using the metal and covers. All else was replaced,including the PSW)

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