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The restore process did not succeed


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I installed WS2012E on an HP microserver, installed the connector on my Acer netbook running Win7Pro and created a manual backup.  I set up daily backups to occur between 1 and 5 a.m.  The daily backup worked.  My next step is trying to restore a file or folder on the netbook.  I loaded the dashboard and selected 'Restore files or folders for the computer'.  After a few minutes I received the message: 'the restore process did not succeed'.


I checked and the windows server client computer backup provider service is running on the client and server.  Both are set to 'automatic'.


Items to note:

- I used tinkerguy's write-up to join my existing workgroup rather than the domain (http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4423-install-connector-and-skip-domain-join/?p=46213)

- I changed the DNS setting in the netbook from the server to my router's ip address

- After installing the connector windows update prompted me to install dot net 4.5

- When I sign into the Launchpad I receive a number of error messages:

  • The server appears to be offline.  Do you want to sign in to offline mode:
  • Alert Viewer Error: Alert notices are not available in the Alert Viewer due to an error, or incomplete action, or a service has stopped working.
  • Your computer is not connected to the health service provided by your server


Backups are great, but if I can't access the files then why bother.  Grumble, grumble, grumble.........


Thanks for the help. 


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What's the point? Excellent question. I'm not running WSE2012 yet, but I know restoring of individual files & folders is a problem with WHS2011 also. That's why I don't use it for that.


What I do use WHS Backup for is to back up the system drives of Client Computers so I can do Bare Metal Restores when needed. Data backup is taken care of by RoboCopy and scripting.


Here's a link to some photos of my server/backup setup:



And here's a link to my backup strategy:



And, finally, a link to my RoboCopy scripts (you know, in case you might want to alter your strategy ;)):


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Once again, thank you for your help ikon.


I saw your backup pictures a few weeks ago when I first stumbled onto this site - very cool.  Relying on me to pack and unpack drives daily would result in a months old data that wouldn't be useful if ever needed.  Kudos to you for pulling it off.


Since WHS v1 worked out of the box for individual file/folder recovery (at least for me) I wasn't expecting issues.  I'm suspicous that there is a connector error due to the dot net upgrade.  The backups completed proior to my upgrading dot net.  I think I'll uninstall the connector, delete all backups and start from the beginning.


I appreciate you sharing the scripts.  They have been downloaded and saved.  I really don't want to go that route, but will if needed.


Am sure I'll have more questions as I muddle through my migration.



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I would try just uninstalling & reinstalling the Connector, without deleting all the backups. If you rejoin a computer to the server without changing its parameters it should retain all its backups. You should receive a prompt saying that there is already a computer with that name & asking if you want to proceed anyway.

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